ACMR Newsletter, v16, n2, 2010

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Editors: Lei Ouyang Bryant and Valerie Samson


ACMR 2010 Meeting Announcement   1
ACMR Online Discussion Group   1
ACMR Newsletter Back Issues   1
Message from the President Frederick Lau 1
Next ACMR Newsletter   1
Nancy Guy Wins Publication Prize   2
People and Places   2-3
Papers Concerning Chinese Music at the 2010 Society for Ethnomusicology Meeting and 2010 American Anthropological Meeting   3-4
Prizes and Award Application Procedures   4
ICTM Musics of East Asia Conference J. Lawrence Witzleben 4-5
Symposium: "Constructing China's Nationhood: Music and Transmission in East Asia" Yang Yuanzheng 5-6
The Utrecht University-Asia Seminar "Performing Empire: Music, Ritual and Statecraft in Pre-Modern Asia and Europe" Yang Yuanzheng 6
New Publications   6-7
Events Calendar   7-8
About ACMR   8
In Memoriam: Wong Gwoksan Valerie Samson 8-9
Chinese Music Archive List of New Publications   10