ACMR Newsletter, v17, n2, 2011

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Editors: Valerie Samson and Jessica Turner


Message from the President Frederick Lau 1
ACMR 2011 Meeting Announcement   1
ACMR Student Member Reception in Philadelphia Meredith Schweig 1-2
ACMR Election for President Underway!   2
People and Places   4-5
Report on the 2011 ICTM Meeting   6-7
LI Yiming 李一鳴: Reflections on the Guqin   8-9
New Publication: Reading Chinese Music and Beyond   10
New CD: Autumn Moon and Winter Frost 秋月清霜 Qin music by TSE Chun Yan謝俊仁   10
Reviews Alec McLane 11
List of Chinese Music Archive Publications   11
Third International Symposium of the ICTM Study Group for Musics of East Asia   12
Events Calendar   12