ACMR Newsletter, v5, n1, 1992

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Editor: Bell Yung; Editorial Assistants: Ying-Fai Tsui; Contributing Editor: Theodore J. Kwok


From the Editor   2
ACMR News and Announcements Bell Yung 3
The 31st World Conference of the ICTM in Hong Kong Ying-Fai Tsui 4
Brief Notes on Four Meetings Relevant to Chinese Music Ying-Fai Tsui and Bell Yung 7
Recent Issues in Music Research in the People's Republic of China Du Yaxiong 9
Protest Music and Contextual Meaning: The Example of Tiananmen Square, 1989 Valerie Samson 12
Inaugural Statement of Chinese Society for Ethnomusicology Hsu Tsang-Houei 14
People and Places   15
Association for Chinese Music Research Electronic Mail Directory Theodore J. Kwok 17
Current Bibliography on Chinese Music Theodore J. Kwok 18