ACMR Newsletter, v5, n2, 1992

Table of Contents

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Editor: Bell Yung; Editorial Assistant: Ying-Fai Tsui; Contributing Editors: Barbara B. Smith, Kyle Heide


Dedication   2
From the Editor   3
ACMR News and Announcements   3
Forthcoming Meetings of Interest   5
Brief Reports on Recent Meetings   6
Harmonizing Chinese Tunes Rulan Chao Pian 8
Jade Flutes, Silk Strings, and Monster Eats: Adventures with an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Chinese Music Kyle Heide 9
Query on Bibliography of Chinese-Language Sources J. Lawrence Witzleben 14
People and Places and Organizations   15
The Chinese and Their Musics in the Pacific: Five Exploratory Reports from a Panel    
Forward Barbara B. Smith 17
Introduction Barbara B. Smith 18
A View of Chinese Music in Hawaii Theodore J. Kwok 20
Chinese Music in Tahiti Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman 27
The Chinese Music in Contemporary Guam Cynthia B. Sajnovsky 30
The Chinese and Music in Papua New Guinea Don Niles 31
The Chinese and their Musics in Eastern and Northern Australia Helen Reeves Lawrence 35