ACMR Newsletter, v6, n2, 1993

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Editor: Bell Yung; Editorial Assistants: Helen Rees, Ying-fai Tsui, Wu Ben


From the Editor   2
ACMR News and Announcements   3
Forthcoming Conferences   4
Reports on Recent Conferences   5
Music in Chinese Ritual: Expressions of Authority and Power: A Conference Report Sue Tuohy 7
Packaging Chinese Music of UCSB Undergraduates: A Syllabus Joseph Lam 9
Notes on the Kunqu Society Inc. of New York City Wei-hua Zhang 16
Minjian Music Activities in Chaozhou: A Fieldwork Report Frederick Lau 18
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Inner/East Asia Volume Bell Yung 21
"China" Entry in the Norton/Grove Handbook Series: Some Reflections Alan R. Thrasher 24
Booknote Peter Micic 25
New Publications   26
People and Places   27
Errata   28
Bibliography on Guqin Music Bell Yung 29