ACMR Newsletter, v7, n2, 1994

Table of Contents

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Editor: Bell Yung; Editorial Assistants: Wu Ben, Helen Rees


From the Editor   2
ACMR News and Announcements   4
Forthcoming Meetings   5
The Research Institute of Music Celebrates its Forthieth Anniversary Cui Xian, Han Zhong'en, Xue Yibing, Wu Ben 6
Festival of Music by Contemporary Chinese Composers Eric Lai 12
Profile: Kong Qingshan Peter Micic 15
Glancing at Flowers From Horseback: A Cusory Look at Pop/Rock Literature on China Peter Micic 17
Booknotes Wu Ben, Peter Micic, Yang Mu 22
Dissertation Abstracts   30
People and Places   32
China's Pop 'n' Rock Magazines and Newspapers: A Selected List Peter Micic 33
ACMR-L List of Subscribers Theodore J. Kwok 38