ACMR Reports, v10, n1, 1997

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Editor: Bell Yung; Editorial Assistants: Wu Ben, Helen Rees; Contributing Editor: Sue Tuohy


Preface of Shenqi Mipu: Translation with Commentary George Goormaghtigh and Bell Yung 1
Huju and Musical Change: The Rise of a Local Operatic Form in East China, to 1920 Jonathan P.J. Stock 14
Conference Report
Seminar on Chinese Large Instrumental Ensemble Music Held in Hong Kong Yu Siu Wah 38
News and Information
ACMR 1997 Call for Papers   42
Recent Dissertation Abstracts   42
New Publications   44
Reports on Recent Meetings and Confereneces   44
New Briefs from Mainland China and Hong Kong   47
News of Individuals   49
Current bibliography on Chinese Music Sue Tuohy 50
Information for Authors   62