ACMR Reports, v11, 1998

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Editor: Joseph S.C. Lam; Associate Editor: Helen Rees; Contributing Editor: Sue Tuohy


From the Editor   iii
Music of Qin: From the Scholar's Study to the Concert Stage Bell Yung 1
The Parting of the Way: Three Generations of Qin Performances Yi-Ping Huang 15
Little Great Tradition: Thoughts on Recent Developments in Jiangnan Sizhu Frederick Lau 45
Peking Opera as "National Opera" in Taiwan: What's in a Name? Nancy A. Guy 67
Writing about Chinese Opera (Xiqu) in English: One Hundred Flower Bloom, One Hundred Terns Contend Nancy A. Guy 89
Terminology of Chinese Music: Some Random Thoughts Stephen Jones 95
Some Thoughts on Names of Genres and Places Barbara Smith 98
On the "What's in a Name?" Controversy Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak 100
Words, Meanings, and Scholarship on Chinese Music J. Lawrence Witzleben 102
Beyond a Matter of Name and Language Su Zheng 104
Ma Bomin and the Question of Creative Authority in the Peony Pavilion Controversy Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak 107
The Peony Pavilion Isabel Wong 111
Book Reviews
Yung, Celestial Airs of Antiquity: Music of the Seven-String Zither of China Yi-Ping Huang 113
Current bibliography on Chinese Music Sue Tuohy 117
Reports on Recent Meetings and Conferences   133
Recent Dissertation Abstracts   136
Contributors   139
Information for Authors   143