ACMR Reports, v8, n2, 1995

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Editor: Bell Yung; Editorial Assistants: Wu Ben, Helen Rees; Contributing Editor: Sue Tuohy


From the Editor   ii


Chinese Music Historiography: from Yang Yinliu's A Draft History of Ancient Chinese Music to Confucian classics Joseph S.C. Lam 1
Notes on the Second Chengdu Meeting on the Art of Guqin; tr. by Bell Yung [review essay] Lau Chor-wah 46
Chinese Music Journals Published in Chinese and Located in Selected Major U.S. Libraries Victor Fung




Book Reviews
Andre F. Jones, Like a Knife: Ideology and Genre in Contemporary Chinese Popular Music Peter Micic 71
Wong Chia-ming, Cong Luo Dayou dao Cui Jian: Danedai Liuxing yinyue de guiji (From Luo Dayou to Cui Jian: The Loci of Contemporary Popular Music) Peter Micic 36
News and Information   77