At the Thirty-First Annual Conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) in Rochester, N.Y., October 16-19, 1986, a group of participants with research interests in China held an impromptu meeting to acquaint themselves with one another and their work. It was unanimously felt that similar meetings should be held in the future and that a group should be formed whose membership is to comprise scholars interested in Chinese music, and whose purpose is to establish channels for communication and a forum for exchange of ideas. At least initially, the group catered mainly to scholars living in the U.S. and Canada. Group members met once or twice a year taking advantage of the annual Association for Asian Studies (AAS) meeting (when Chinoperl is held in conjunction) in March-April and the annual SEM meeting in October-November. The possibility of publishing and distributing a periodic newsletter was discussed. An initial list of about sixty names was compiled to whom a letter was sent in November announcing the formation of the "Chinese Music Study Group" (later changed to "Association for Chinese Music Research"). About forty responded in active support of the group. In conjunction with the 1987 annual meeting of the AAS, a group of eighteen people representing about a dozen institutions gathered at Harvard University on April 12 for the first meeting of ACMR.